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Patlite Wireless Data Acquisition

SSCN Number : SSCN-0008
Project Number : FASMY-1802-006
Solution : Patlite Wireless Data Acquisition
Industries : Manufacturing (Others)

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Problem Statement

– No actual information about machine status on the production floor.
– Management only could base on a manual recording to estimate the production output and planning. Require lots of time and resource to gather data and compilation.
– Planning and actual always have variance.


– Install Patlite Wireless signal tower light on each machine.
– Gather all the machine status by using Mitsubishi PLC via wireless transmission.
– FAS customization software for visualization and analysis.


– No messy wiring is required from machines.
– Real time status can be visualized and not required manual recording.
– Machine OEE can determine and plan to continuous improvement.
– Increase production productivity.

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