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Collaborative Robotics

As a Manufacturer, you want to keep overhead costs low and maintain high production efficiency to maximize operating performance & overall profitability. Plus, having the difficulties to retain skilled workers, and training new workers requires long duration, our CoBot solution is the right automation solution for your business.

Collaborative robots or CoBots are designed to work near or hand-in-hand with humans without the need of safety cage/barrier which has very high flexibility and scalability with the high degree of freedom design. They are required to comply with ISO 13849-1 (Safety of Machinery).

Suitable for assisting human in task and operate in areas with low proximity to operators.


  • 7 Degree of Freedom
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Easy to program (Learning-by-doing method)
  • Safe to operate alongside human
  • Large effective work area with small footprints

CoBot solution can help you optimize production process and tasks:

    1. Material handling
      • Loading & Unloading
      • Machine Tending
      • Packaging
      • Part Transfer
      • Picking & Palletizing
      • Test & Inspection Handling
    2. Processing
      • Assembly
      • Cutting & Routing
      • Deburring, Grinding, Sanding & Polishing
      • Dispensing
      • Drilling & Screw Tightening
      • Press & Forming
      • Sealing & Soldering
      • Spray & Painting

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